Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New adventures in a new country

I am the worst at this blog!!! However, I have been requested to continue...and you know what... I want to because later when I am bogged down in some office I will be able to look back here and think.. 'wasn't life so great??'. There is so much that happened in between my last post and this very moment that I am not even going to try to sum it all up. Key things: went on a fantastic vacation to the south of Spain with my sister and aunt, finished the academic year in Madrid, visited Rioja TWICE within the same 2 weeks with my amazing amiga Steph who came over from the States to visit me, and.....officially leaving Spain.....with no pending ticket to return. Man, I still cannot believe Spain is finished. I feel as though it's a part of me....like a necessary extremity that now I have lost. Of course I know I will go back someday for a lovely vacation because to be honest I am addicted to that country, but it isn't the same. The day I have a ticket I will be on cloud nine. My goodbyes in Rioja and Madrid were obviously very difficult and I hated leaving people behind. Oddly enough, I did not cry a LOT which isn't normal for me ask anyone *ahem Victoria and Christopher*. I am pretty sure it is because my brain and heart have not fully accepted that I am not returning next year. I do know for sure Spain has it's own very special place in my heart and it won't be replaced.

So...what now? After returning from Madrid, I spent the month of June celebrating my little brother's high school graduation, spending time at the beach while soaking up the sun, catching up with friends and family and of course, the ever fun task of JOB INTERVIEWS. The latter has not been very fun to think about but oh well...such is life. A full 30 days went by and now...drum roll.... I am in BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.

I have literally only been here one day. This is my first time ever being in South America and I have been looking forward to it since I was accepted to study here. The flight was soooooooo long and the plane was probably made in the 1980s, but I made it here in one piece. A group of girls I studied with in Madrid and I met in the airport to take a car to the apartments where we are staying. The apartments are nice, although when you turn the stove on (at least in my particular apartment) it smells like burning rubber. Today was particularly exciting because we had orientation, which included a tour of the university, and we watched the World Cup. We watched the Argentina v. Switzerland game with the Argentine students in their gymnasium and they were AMPED up. When Argentina finally won, car horns and fireworks could be heard as soon as the referee had finished blowing his whistle. Like Spain, I have gathered that Argentina also takes their fútbol very seriously.

Now...I am writing this post after returning home from dinner...after watching the US lose to Belgium. This game almost killed me I think. A group of us went to an Irish pub to watch it and there were plenty other Americans in there watching too. Screams of complaint were heard from all sides of the bar. That second goal that Belgium scored was the nail in the coffin. My two teams are now out...so I guess because I am in Argentina, THEY are the team that now has my support.

This blog's title is 'The Real World: España'...but now that I'm no longer in my beloved adopted country should I change it? ... I don't think so... Argentina is an experience that is sure to be very different from Spain, but it is a continuation of the education I have received in Spain this past year. After orientation, it seems we have many plans coming down the pike so hopefully I will stay on top of this blog for the next 6 weeks. I truly will make an effort. Tomorrow is the first day of classes!! The 'semester' finally begins!


  1. Tip for your new country:
    "Coger" doesn't mean the same. Be carefull :)

    Good luck!

  2. Enjoy!!
    How about, "The real world, Estephanie"
    That covers any spanish-speaking country you may reside in
    Love you

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