Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year - New Blogpost

So. Let’s call a spade a spade – I have been even MORE terrible than usual about updating this blog…and since New Year’s resolutions are on everyone’s mind for about only the first month of the year, I have decided my resolution will be to keep this blog better updated.  Hopefully, my resolution lasts longer than just the first month of the year. Because my blog has been painfully neglected, I am just going to make a list of all the things (good and bad) that have occurred during my time in Madrid for the remainder of 2013.

1.)  I was pickpocketed on the metro. It sounds absolutely awful right? Well it could have been way worse. Fifteen minutes after my wallet was taken I got a phone call from a kind gentleman who found it. Everything but the cash was still there. THANK GOODNESS.
2.)  I took a flamenco-dancing lesson. Just one. I was coerced into going by one of my classmates who I will leave unnamed…she knows who she is. It was quite the experience, but I was unprepared and only wearing boots. My feet KILLED for about a week.
3.)  Friends and co-workers visited me in Madrid. This is the weekend I burned more money than I would care to remember. We went out to dinner every night and then continued the evenings at bars and discotecas. I haven’t really gone out since.
4.)  I spent Thanksgiving in Logroño. All of my friends and I came from all areas of Spain to meet up in La Rioja and celebrate a slightly belated Thanksgiving. It was a great night; except for the trip to the ER due to my friend’s terrible gravy burn on her hand.  Of course this trip allowed me to visit my schools and almost all of my private classes again and as always that was fabulous.
5.)  I had an interview with an American headhunting company that may be able to find me a job next year in the US as a private school Spanish teacher. I won’t know about that until the spring. So we’ll see!
6.)  I went to a play with my Colloquial Spanish class called (translated) “Defending the Caveman”. It is an international play that you can even find in the US about how men and women just cannot understand each other. It was really funny and I would highly recommend it. After the play we grabbed drinks with our professor and it was cool just to hang out.
7.)  There was a two-week garbage strike in Madrid protesting impending layoffs and extreme salary cuts. You don’t realize how critical these workers are until you see piles of trash surrounding dumpsters until you can barely see them! Finally, the workers got their way and everything returned to normal.
8.)  Last on my list since I can’t think of anything else at the moment… we had finals before break. (Duh.) I still don’t know my grades but I’m optimistic that I did well even though writing long essays began to take a toll on my sanity.

That’s the quickest I can sum up everything and I’m slightly impressed with the encapsulation. Now it’s 2014 wooo!! I’m still in the United States after a long break with my family and friends. On Saturday I’m leaving on a jet plane to begin semester number two!! Also…side note: I’m going to Argentina this summer to finish my master, excited does not begin to describe how I feel about that trip.  Okay, that’s all for now!!!! 
Thanksgiving in La Rioja
Drinks post-play with our professor