Monday, January 23, 2012

Aaaaand we're back!

Sorry for the delay with this post! After a break in the United States, I was happy to be getting back to Logroño. I saw a lot of family, but under somber circumstances. My grandmother passed away and I was happy to be able to be with my family during that difficult time. It was also great to catch up with friends and finally fulfill my American cravings (AKA Dunkin Donuts coffee, bagels and cream cheese, and Hermano’s Mexican Food). The flight back to Spain was painfully long, but I made it in one piece and without losing my luggage!!

Life has returned back to normal here, but it’s always an adventure. My roommates and I have begun to address our New Year’s resolutions. We all joined the gym, which is not too far away from our piso. It’s actually reasonably priced too! The gym we joined is gigantic because not only is it a gym, it has an ice rink AND a swimming pool. We all go at least 4 times a week. My other resolutions are these: cook more and carry around a mini-notebook jotting down words I don’t know that I hear on a daily basis and learn from them. Shocker: I’m actually sticking with these resolutions. The notebook I got is beautiful and therefore provides motivation to pick it up and write in it.  Also, my roommate Jessie and I have gotten experimental with our cooking skills and made SALMON. It tasted delicious.

It’s phenomenal to be back at the schools. I was so happy to see all the kids again. I love how they are all fascinated with what I’m wearing all the time. I wore my Pandora bracelet to school the first day back and all the girls gathered around and would each say which charm was their favorite. Of course, earrings are a big hit too. If they find them really intriguing, they ask me where I got them…maybe in hopes that they can find them too. In Arrubal and Agoncillo, some of the classes are learning vocabulary about Robin Hood because on February 16th, these classes and Ribafrecha’s as well are going to see Robin Hood, the play in English! The play will be in Logroño, so I get to go too! I’m so excited.

Upon my return, getting tapas was essential. I have since gone to get tapas about three more times. There are certain tapas that never get old for me…the upside of Spain. Its downside is Vodafone. Our Internet company. They literally try and rob us on a monthly basis. When any of my roommates and I go to speak to them at the store, they say we have to call this number, or we have to discuss the problem with the store we opened our account in…which poses a problem since we opened ours in Navarra since our friend knew someone that worked in that store. Talking to them on the phone is pointless because they give us the runaround all the time. We’ve had our Spanish friends talk to them and honestly we get nowhere. The change has been that the Internet has been faster.

Let’s see…other noteworthy things…I sang karaoke last week. That never happens. Too much peer pressure! The only way I agreed to do it was when there were less people in the bar. It worked out alright, nothing too embarrassing. I also made the best game ever to play with Maria and Jorge, the kids I tutor. I’m so proud of it. It basically is a board game and when you roll the dice, the number that is rolled triggers a certain question or challenge in English. With both Maria and Jorge, it was a HIT. The English teacher David even photocopied it. So…maybe I should put a patent on it??

In other news… about those Patriots?!? I’ve been following them as closely as Spain allows me. This would be on the ESPN Game Cast where I watch a cartoon football field and play by plays pop up on the side and the line of scrimmage moves back and forth on the cartoon field. Of course, there is a delay. I met a visiting friend of a friend who is from France and he was an avid Patriots fan too! I’ve never met a European so interested in American football, let alone be a fan of the Patriots. We keep in contact now about the games. I recently received a novel-long e-mail about the most recent game against the Ravens… which after much stress, they won…and are now headed to the SUPER BOWL against the Giants!! I have to find some place to watch the game, because the Game Cast just will not suffice.

ALSO EXCITING NEWS IS THAT JESSICA SANSOUCY AND MARISA ZEMSKY ARE COMING TO VISIT ME IN SPAIN AT THE BEGINNING OF MAY. Two of my best friends from Holy Cross have officially booked their trip and are going to be gracing Spain with their presence!!  

Stay tuned!!!